Bjarte M. Østvold

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Senior Research Scientist, Norwegian Computing Center, NTNU, 1999
Phone: +47 22 85 26 22; switchboard: +47 22 85 25 00
Postal address:
Norsk Regnesentral / Norwegian Computing Center
PO Box 114 Blindern
NO-0314 Oslo, Norway
Personal contact info (NR access only)


I strongly believe in applying advanced programming language techniques to problems in software engineering practice.

Main research interests:

List of publications at Google Scholar and DBLP.


ECOOP 2009 Best Paper


I currently work on the following projects:


Current students

Edvard K. Karlsen, TBD, 2014-now. Institution: NTNU. Pursuing degree: Master of Science.

Former students

(Institution is University of Oslo if not specified.)

Edvard K. Karlsen, Abstract flow: A model for essential semantics of Java methods, 2012. Institution: Sør-Trøndelag University College. Awarded degree: Bachelor of Science.

Einar W. Høst, Meaningful Method Names, 2011. Main supervisor: Bjarte M. Østvold; co-supervisor: Gerardo Schneider. Awarded degree: PhD. Now at Computas.

Henrik Berg, Evolutionary Machine Learning: Neutrality, Diversity and Applications, 2009. Main supervisor: Roland Olsson; co-supervisors: Bjarte M. Østvold, Olaf Owe. Awarded degree: PhD. Now at FFI.

Steingrim Dovland, Liberating coroutines: Combining sequential and parallel execution, 2006. Awarded degree: master. Now at Nets.

Hung Huynh, Comparing Java programs: syntactic and contextual semantic differences, 2005. Awarded degree: siviling. Went to Selvaag BlueThink.

Jørgen Hermanrud Fjeld, Compiling Creol Safely, 2005. Awarded degree: siviling. Supervisors: Einar Broch Johnsen and Bjarte M. Østvold. Went to Linpro.

Erling Holmqvist, A structural approach to web page partitioning, 2005. Awarded degree: master. Went to Esito AS.

Arild B. Torjusen, A formal and executable model for comparing XML documents, 2003. Awarded degree: cand. scient. Now at NR.


You think you know when you learn, are more sure when you can write,
even more when you can teach, but certain when you can program. -- Alan J. Perlis

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