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In Safe Hands 24-7 is a five-year national patient safety program. The aim of the program is to reduce preventable patient harm, establish lasting structures for patient safety and improve the patient safety culture in the health and care services. A group of health care experts have identified several target areas where the potential for clinical improvements is significant and possible interventions are proven effective.

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Latest publications

    Malnes, Eirik; Buanes, Arild; Nagler, Thomas; Bippus, Gabriele; Gustafsson, David; Schiller, Christian; Metsämäki, Sari; Pulliainen, Jouni; Luojus, Kari; Larsen, Hans Eilif; Solberg, Rune; Diamandi, Andrei; Wiesmann, Andreas. User requirements for the snow and land ice services - CryoLand. The Cryosphere (ISSN 1994-0416). 9(3) pp 1191-1202. doi: 10.5194/tc-9-1191-2015. 2015.

    Eikvil, Line; Jenssen, Tor-Kristian; Holden, Marit. Multi-focus cluster labeling. Journal of Biomedical Informatics (ISSN 1532-0464). 55 pp 116-123. doi: 10.1016/j.jbi.2015.03.012. 2015.

    Røe, Per; Hauge, Ragnar. A volume-conserving representation of cell faces in corner point grids. Computational Geosciences (ISSN 1420-0597). doi: 10.1007/s10596-015-9500-0. 2015.

    Løland, Anders; Aldrin, Magne Tommy. Norsk Regnesentral: 17 prosent sjanse for direkte Brann-opprykk. 2015. [Internet] 10.07.2015. Full-text 

    Løland, Anders; Aldrin, Magne Tommy. Større sjanse for Sandefjord-nedrykk enn Rosenborg-gull. 2015. [Internet] 07.07.2015. Full-text 

    Tjøstheim, Ingvar; Leister, Wolfgang; Larssen, Andreas; Schulz, Trenton W.. The Role of Emotion and Enjoyment for QoE — A Case Study of a Science Centre Installation. In: 2015 Seventh International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX) Proceedings. (ISBN 978-1-4799-8958-4). pp 1-6. doi: 10.1109/QoMEX.2015.7148112. 2015. Review  Abstract 

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