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Thordis L. Thorarinsdottir

Thordis L., Thorarinsdottir
Name: Thordis L. Thorarinsdottir
Title: Forskningsleder / Research Leader
Research Leader Statistics for climate and enviroment
Phone: (+47) 22852560 Mob: 98046630
Email: thordis [at] nr [dot] no
Scientific areas: Bayesian methods, Probabilistic forecasting and verification, Point processes, Spatial statistics, Weather and climate
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Postal address:
Norsk Regnesentral/
Norwegian Computing Center
P.O. Box 114 Blindern
NO-0314 Oslo
Visit address:
Norsk Regnesentral
Gaustadalleen 23a
Kristen Nygaards hus
NO-0373 Oslo.
(+47) 22 85 25 00
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Postal address: Norsk Regnesentral/Norwegian Computing Center, P.O. Box 114 Blindern, NO-0314 Oslo, Norway
Visit address: Norsk Regnesentral, Gaustadalleen 23a, Kristen Nygaards hus, NO-0373 Oslo.
Phone: (+47) 22 85 25 00
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