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Publication profile

Daniel Barker

Daniel, Barker
Name: Daniel Barker
Title: Seniorforsker / Senior Research Scientist
Phone: (+47) 22852565
Email: Daniel [dot] Barker [at] nr [dot] no
Scientific areas:
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    Academic journal articles


    Barker, Daniel Martin L; Landrø, Martin. An alternative method for modeling close-range interactions between air guns. Geophysics (ISSN 0016-8033). 79(2) pp 1-7. doi: 10.1190/geo2013-0141.1. 2014.


    Barker, Daniel Martin L; Landrø, Martin. Estimation of bubble time period for air-gun clusters using potential isosurfaces. Geophysics (ISSN 0016-8033). 78(4) pp P1. doi: 10.1190/GEO2012-0344.1. 2013.

    Barker, Daniel Martin L; Landrø, Martin. Modeling close range air gun interactions using isosurfaces of the velocity potential. Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Expanded Abstracts with Biographies (ISSN 1052-3812). pp 46-50. doi: 10.1190/segam2013-0489.1. 2013.


    Barker, Daniel Martin L; Landrø, Martin. Controlled source strength variation by changing the firing pressure - a sensitivity study for 4D calibration. Geophysical Prospecting (ISSN 0016-8025). 60(3) pp 480-487. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2478.2011.01044.x. 2012.

    Barker, Daniel Martin L; Landrø, Martin. Simple expression for the bubble-time period of two clustered air guns. Geophysics (ISSN 0016-8033). 77(1) pp A1. doi: 10.1190/GEO2011-0169.1. 2012.


    Landrø, Martin; Amundsen, Lasse; Barker, Daniel Martin L. High-frequency signals from air-gun arrays. Geophysics (ISSN 0016-8033). 76(4) pp Q19. doi: 10.1190/1.3590215. 2011.

    Academic chapters


    Barker, Daniel Martin L; Landrø, Martin. Controlled Source Strength Variation by Changing the Firing Pressure - A Sensitivity Study for 4D Calibration. In: 71st EAGE Conference & Exhibition Amsterdam 2009. (ISBN 978-90-73781-67-2). 2009.



    Aker, Eyvind; Barker, Daniel Martin L. User Manual: Rock Physics Prior Modelling GUI. Norsk Regnesentral, . NR-notat SAND/12/2017. pp 16. 2017.

    Barker, Daniel Martin L. PCube+ Forward Modelling QC User Manual. Norsk Regnesentral, . NR-notat SAND/06/2017. pp 10. 2017.

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