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Publication profile

Hanna Zdanowicz

Hanna, Zdanowicz
Name: Hanna Zdanowicz
Title: Seniorforsker / Senior Research Scientist
Phone: (+47) 22852556
Email: Hanna [dot] Zdanowicz [at] nr [dot] no
Scientific areas: Geological facies models, Stochastic modelling, Energy markets
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    Academic journal articles


    Benth, Fred Espen; Zdanowicz, Hanna Marta. Pricing and hedging of energy spread options and volatility modulated volterra processes. International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Finance (ISSN 0219-0249). 19(1) doi: 10.1142/S0219024916500023. 2016.

    Academic chapters


    Benth, Fred Espen; Zdanowicz, Hanna Marta. Pricing energy spread options. In: Handbook of Multi-Commodity Markets and Products: Structuring, Trading and Risk Management. (ISBN 978-0-470-74524-3). pp 801-825. doi: 10.1002/9781119011590.ch17. 2015.



    Almendral Vazquez, Ariel; Zdanowicz, Hanna Marta. Localization strategies: Implementation and testing of localization strategies on Reek and Norne. Norsk Regnesentral, Oslo. NR-notat SAND/01/2017. 2017.

    Zdanowicz, Hanna Marta; Vigsnes, Maria; Fjellvoll, Bjørn; Hauge, Ragnar. Prototype Turbidite Modelling. Norsk Regnesentral, Oslo. NR-notat SAND/10/2017. pp 33. 2017.


    Zdanowicz, Hanna Marta; Hauge, Ragnar. Turbidite prototype interface. Norsk Regnesentral, Oslo. NR-notat SAND/09/2015. pp 11. 2015.

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