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Publication profile

Ivar Rummelhoff

Ivar, Rummelhoff
Name: Ivar Rummelhoff
Title: Seniorforsker / Senior Research Scientist
Phone: (+47) 22852570 Mob: 41505475
Email: Ivar [dot] Rummelhoff [at] nr [dot] no
Scientific areas: Security, Formal methods, Software engineering
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    Academic journal articles


    Andrade, Daniel; Kristoffersen, Thor O.; Rummelhoff, Ivar; Gerdov, Alex; Silva, Joao Nuno. Thwarting data exfiltration by repackaged applications. Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems. Proceedings (ISSN 1060-9857). 2016-October pp 43-48. doi: 10.1109/SRDSW.2016.18. 2016.


    Rummelhoff, Ivar. Polynat in PER models. Theoretical Computer Science (ISSN 0304-3975). 316 pp 215-224. 2004.


    Rummelhoff, Ivar. Normal Domain Representations of Topological Spaces. Mathematical logic quarterly (ISSN 0942-5616). 47 pp 409-412. 2001.

    Scientific lectures


    Rummelhoff, Ivar; Østvold, Bjarte M.; Liabø, Ole. Immortal Virtual Machine – solving the problem of file format and infrastructure obsolescence. Årsmøte, DLM Forum Annual General Meeting; Bern, 21.05.2019 - 22.05.2019.

    Doctoral dissertations


    Rummelhoff, Ivar. Polymorphic Π1 Types and a Simple Approach to Propositions, Types and Sets. : Series of dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Oslo (ISSN 1501-7710). (600). pp 196. 2007.



    Aker, Eyvind; Sanchis, Charlotte Juliette; Røe, Per; Kjønsberg, Heidi; Barker, Daniel Martin L; Rummelhoff, Ivar; Nilsen, Carl-Inge Colombo. PCube Reference Manual. Norsk Regnesentral, Oslo. NR-notat SAND/03/20. pp 38. 2020.

    Røe, Per; Aker, Eyvind; Barker, Daniel Martin L; Hauge, Ragnar; Kjønsberg, Heidi; Nesvold, Erik; Nilsen, Carl-Inge Colombo; Rummelhoff, Ivar; Sanchis, Charlotte Juliette. PCube+ User Manual Version 8.0. Norsk Regnesentral, Oslo. NR-notat SAND/04/2020. pp 82. 2020.


    Røe, Per; Aker, Eyvind; Rummelhoff, Ivar; Hauge, Ragnar; Kjønsberg, Heidi; Barker, Daniel Martin L; Sanchis, Charlotte Juliette. This is a user manual for PCube. PCube is a seismic inversion software that computes lithology and fluid probabilities from seismic AVO data. Norsk Regnesentral, Oslo, Norge. NR-notat SAND/05/18. pp 72. 2018.


    Kristoffersen, Thor O.; Østvold, Bjarte M.; Rummelhoff, Ivar. PCAS Deliverable D8.1: Security Evaluation – Communication. Norsk Regnesentral, . pp 52. 2016.

    Kristoffersen, Thor O.; Rummelhoff, Ivar. PCAS Deliverable D6.3: Security evaluation of STG and communications. Norsk Regnesentral, . pp 27. 2016.

    Rummelhoff, Ivar; Kristoffersen, Thor O.. PCAS Deliverable D6.4: Secured Trusted Gateway (STG). Norsk Regnesentral, . pp 38. 2016.


    Kristoffersen, Thor O.; Rummelhoff, Ivar; Andrade, Daniel; Nassie, Evyatar. PCAS Deliverable D6.2 IDM, Authentication, Access and Provisioning Service Design. Norsk Regnesentral, . pp 44. 2015.

    Rummelhoff, Ivar; Kristoffersen, Thor O.; Skomedal, Åsmund; Shani, Alex; Dagan, Omer; Gerdov, Alex. PCAS Deliverable D4.6 SPD Report on Data Encryption Mechanisms. OS New Horizon Ltd., . pp 22. 2015.

    Popular scientific lectures


    Rummelhoff, Ivar. The future is reactive. JavaZone 2011, Oslo, 07.09.2011.

Postal address:
Norsk Regnesentral/
Norwegian Computing Center
P.O. Box 114 Blindern
NO-0314 Oslo
Visit address:
Norsk Regnesentral
Gaustadalleen 23a
Kristen Nygaards hus
NO-0373 Oslo.
(+47) 22 85 25 00
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Postal address: Norsk Regnesentral/Norwegian Computing Center, P.O. Box 114 Blindern, NO-0314 Oslo, Norway
Visit address: Norsk Regnesentral, Gaustadalleen 23a, Kristen Nygaards hus, NO-0373 Oslo.
Phone: (+47) 22 85 25 00
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