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Department of Applied Research in Information Technology - DART

The department has extensive experience within research in information technology. Our researchers have a high scientific competence and broad industry experience within fields like mobility, security and universal design. Our activities include national and international cooperation with both public and private partners within these fields. In addition to applied research our services cover concept studies, prototyping, training, evaluation, consultancy and development.

Our competence is mainly used in projects commissioned by private and public customers, the Research Council of Norway and the European commission. Our staff has background in electronics, computing science and social sciences at Master or PhD level.

We cover a broad range of activities from theoretical modeling with advanced tools - to practical end-user testing and analysis with state-of-the-art lab equipment. It is important to ensure that our work is relevant in practical settings and we work closely with commercial partners leading in their field. Our customers include the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Supervisory Authorities, Hospitals, Norsk Tipping and several SMEs.

Research areas

Last 5 scientific articles

    Bai, Aleksander; Mork, Heidi Camilla; Stray, Viktoria. A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Accessibility Testing in Agile Software Development: Results from a Multiple Case Study. International Journal On Advances in Software (ISSN 1942-2628). 10(1&2) pp 96-107. 2017. Data 

    Leister, Wolfgang; Fongen, Camilla; Soldal, Dag; Hagen, Kåre Birger; Schulz, Trenton Wade; Aursand, Peder; Chen, Liming; Franke, Carl-Henrik; Tjøstheim, Ingvar; Bai, Aleksander; Boye, Lars Thomas; Berre, Vebjørn; Østerås, Nina; Hagfors, Jon; Relbe-Moe, Jan Halvard; Dagfinrud, Hanne. Evidence-Based Self-Management for Spondyloarthritis Patients. International Journal On Advances in Life Sciences (ISSN 1942-2660). 9(3&4) pp 92-105. 2017. Review  Full-text 

    Boudko, Svetlana; Leister, Wolfgang. Treatment Pathways as Petri Nets in Patient Workflow Management. In: iiWAS2017 - The 19th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services. (ISBN 978-1-4503-5299-4). pp 511-519. doi: 10.1145/3151759.3151778. 2017.

    Leister, Wolfgang; Tjøstheim, Ingvar; Joryd, Göran; de Brisis, Michel; Lauritzsen, Syver; Reisæter, Sigrun. An Evaluation-Driven Design Process for Exhibitions. Multimodal Technologies and Interaction (ISSN 2414-4088). 1(4) pp 1-13. doi: 10.3390/mti1040025. 2017. Review 

    Gebrie, Mattias; Abie, Habtamu. Risk-based Adaptive Authentication for Internet of Things in Smart Home eHealth. In: Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Software Architecture: Companion Proceedings. (ISBN 978-1-4503-5217-8). pp 102-108. doi: 10.1145/3129790.3129801. 2017. Full-text 

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Postal address: Norsk Regnesentral/Norwegian Computing Center, P.O. Box 114 Blindern, NO-0314 Oslo, Norway
Visit address: Norsk Regnesentral, Gaustadalleen 23a, Kristen Nygaards hus, NO-0373 Oslo.
Phone: (+47) 22 85 25 00
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