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Overview of some of NR's projects

Overview of some of NR's projects

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This project investigates the potential of deep learning for national mapping of cultural heritage from airborne laser scanning data.

PLA ― Personlig (mobil) læringsarena

Læringssituasjon med mester og lærlingProsjektet tok sikte på å utvikle en personlig, adaptiv og mobil læringsarena (personlig mobil læringsarena, PLA) rettet inn mot grupper i skole og voksenopplæring med elever som av ulike grunner står i fare for å falle fra utdanningen.

Polar Ice

Shipping activity in the Arctic is increasing.  Cruise liners are bringing more tourists to the cold and remote latitudes.  The oil & gas industry is searching for and producing oil and natural gas in areas close to or even in waters infested by ice or icebergs.  As 25 % of the unexploited fossil hydrocarbons of our planet are deposited under Arctic waters, this activity will continue, and move even further northwards.

Predicting blood donor arrival

Blood donationThe scheduling strategies used at blood collection centers worldwide vary considerably. At the Blood Bank of Oslo, fixed appointments are used. However, on average, only 60% of blood donors with an appointment actually show up. Overbooking is therefore necesarry, but because the day-to-day variations in donor arrival are large, this may lead to long waiting times before donation.

Predicting soccer tournaments

During all the FIFA World Cups since 1998 and the UEFA European Football Championships since 2000, NR has had it's own web-site. Here we considered the winner chances etc. of every team participating in the tournaments, based on probability models. The calculations were updated daily and presented at the web-site, as well as in the Norwegian newspapers such as Dagbladet, VG, Aftenposten and the tv station TV 2.

Prediction of biomass in Norwegian fish farms

Fish farmThe aim of the project was to construct a modeling framework for forecasting of biomass and slaughtering in Norwegian fish farms, in order to ensure predictable and optimal production of farmed fish.

Prismodellering og risikostyring for råvaremarkeder

NR startet allerede i 1994 et samarbeid med Hydro i forbindelse med at den nordiske energibørsen NordPool ble opprettet som første internasjonale råvarebørs for elektrisk energi. I tillegg til Hydro har vi blant annet jobbet for E-CO Energi, Agder Energi, NTE, Point Carbon EGL Nordic AS, Stakraft og Statnett de siste årene. Dette har ført til at NR har opparbeidet en solid kompetanse på modeller som simulerer og lager prognoser for elektrisitetspriser, og vi har også utviklet prismodeller for andre råvarer som gass, olje, korn og ferrosilisium.

Prospect risking using CSEM data

We develop Bayesian methodology for integrating the use of controlled source electromagnetic (CSEM) data for exploration. We compute the probability for hydrocarbon presence based on the information in the CSEM data. The method is fast compared with Bayesian inversion techniques, and avoids inversion for the complete resistivity model it computes the chance of hydrocarbon presence directly. The method utilize that CSEM data from hydrocarbon reservoirs and brine filled reservoirs will have different signatures. The methodology adapts to the local geology.

Recovery from acidification


Acid rain and other acid deposition are serious environmental problems that affect large parts of the industrial world. Rivers and lakes that are exposed to acid deposition may become acidified if they are not naturally protected with for instance limestone rock that are able to neutralise acid.


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