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Overview of some of NR's projects

Overview of some of NR's projects

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The Norwegian company survey

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV) conducts a biannual company survey to obtain an overview of the demand for labour within different industries. Each company in the selection is asked if it is facing challenges in recruiting labour, in which professions it has demand for labour and whether the demand is caused by a non-satisfactory number of qualified applicants. Based on the responses from the selection of companies, the demand for labour in Norway can be estimated using a mathematical model developed at the Norwegian Computing Center.


Detection and quantification of thin sea ice for climate monitoring in the Arctic

Sea ice plays an important role in the climatic system, being a factor affecting the global energy budget as well as the oceanic circulation. It is also an indicator variable of climate change. Considering various types of sea ice, thin ice is of particular interest as it is most vulnerable to summer sea ice melt, and it allows for more heat transfer.

Tilgjengelige museer & vitensentre

Målet og motivasjonen med prosjektet var å heve kunnskapen om universell utforming (uu) blant museer, vitensentre og leverandører av museumsinstallasjoner for at alle, særlig personer med nedsatt f

Towards an automated snow property and avalanche mapping system (ASAM)

I mange av Norges fjellregioner utgjør snøskred en stor risiko for reisende med bil eller tog, for skiløpere, turister, og andre som ferdes i fjellet i løpet av vintersesongen. Hvert år treffer snøskred tettbefolkede områder og deler av transportnettverket, noe som fører til skader på bygninger og infrastruktur, og av og til går også liv tapt. Store deler av det norske land ligger langt fra urbane strøk, og det er en utfordring for myndighetene å kartlegge områder hvor det har gått snøskred, og nøyaktig hvor snøskredfaren er stor.

Traffic volume estimation

NR has worked with traffic modeling for several years, supported by various public authorities. One project deals with estimation of the effect of introducing a toll cordon in Oslo, other projects consider estimation of the total traffic volume over a year, based on a few counts during the year. This work has been done for both cars and bikes. As it turns out, estimating the traffic volume of cyclists is more challenging than for cars. This is a result of the larger variation in the counts due to the lower traffic volume of cyclists.

Tram passenger traffic modelling

Tram in OsloPublic transport companies are in need of systems to keep track of their passenger traffic, both for stock scheduling purposes or as a key to share ticket sale revenues in regions offering multiservice means of transport.

Travel time estimation using Bluetooth devices

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (NPRA) produces real-time travel time data for selected routes in Norway. The data are obtained from detection of vehicles through a highway toll system. This system provides excellent data, but it is expensive. Therefore NPRA considers alternative solutions.


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