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Overview of some of NR's projects

Overview of some of NR's projects

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Effects of Universal Design

The aim of this project is to develop a set of methods to measure the commercial effects when universal design (UD) is deployed during the development of ICT solutions. We view universal design as both a goal and a process, and the challenge here is to find out what methods can be used to conduct cost benefit analyses regarding UD, and how they should be applied. The long-term goal of our effort is to prepare a large-scale up-follower.

Efficient search for biomedical information

Document collections resulting from searches in e.g. the PubMed literature are often so large that some organization of the returned information is necessary. Clustering is an efficient tool for organizing search results. To help the user to decide how to continue the search for relevant documents, the content of each cluster can be characterized by a set of representative key words or cluster labels.

Effitac – Efficient Technical Accessibility Evaluations

I Effitac-prosjektet ser vi på verktøy som brukes for å evaluere tilgjengelighet på web på en automatisk eller semiautomatisk måte. Det finnes mange ulike verktøy for utviklere og testere, og vi skal skaffe oss en oversikt over disse og utrede deres styrker og svakheter. Vi skal videre se på selve testprosedyren og hvordan og når verktøyene kan brukes på en tilnærmet optimal måte.

Som at sidespor vil vi også holde et øye med Automated WCAG Monitoring Community Group.


The EHRpathways project has developed an advanced Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution to the municipal health services market, in the context of daily care of chronic patients and elderly people.


EHRpathways-prosjektet har utviklet en avansert pasientjournalløsning (engelsk: Electronic Health Record, EHR) for helsearbeidere ved pleie og omsorg til kronisk syke pasienter og eldre i den kommunale helse- og omsorgstjenesten.


Snow cover has the largest area extent of any component of the cryosphere (the portions of the Earth's surface where water is in a solid form) and most of the Earth's snow-covered area is located in the Northern Hemisphere, where the mean snow-cover extent ranges from 46.5 million km² in January to 3.8 million km² in August. The temporal variability is dominated by the seasonal cycle. However, changes in the annual spatial distribution of snow have been observed during the last decades related to the climate change.


The Mediterranean is an area with extensive human activity. It represents important food resources and is at the same time used for cheap waste disposal. Lately, the environmental consciousness in the area has grown largely. Knowing that nature takes 90 years to exchange the entire water body, the ocean can be considered as an almost closed system.

Estimating catch-at-age of fish

School of fishIn order to set quotas for the catch of commercial fish species such as cod, complex population dynamics models have been developed. An essential input to these models is the age distribution of the fish caught every year. This is estimated from fish sampled from boats as they land their catch.


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