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eInclusion and Universal Design of ICT

eInclusion and Universal Design of ICT

eInclusion is about including everybody in the information society! It is important for the society that all can contribute and participate with regard to added value, effectiveness, and democracy. The industry aims at increasing their customer base, and for each one of us it is vital to have equal opportunities when in comes to education, work, organizations, and daily life. eInclusion also a requirement for self-help.

Universal design of ICT deals with making IT and telecommunication solutions accessible for as many as possible, and with the highest possible degree of usability and user friendliness.

The eInclusion Group

The objective of our work is to let as many as possible participate in the information society. To accomplish this, we address the topics universal design, accessibility, and usability in each of our projects. We are particularly interested in how solutions work on a variety of devices, in different contexts and situations, and with a wide diversity of users. Often, our target groups contain elderly and individuals with different needs, abilities, and impairments. This includes sensor, motor, and cognition deficiencies, such as reading and writing difficulties.

Our Group cooperates closely with other national and international research groups, such as NR's Smart Information Systems Group regarding for instance the application of multimodality techniques and multimedia content, and with the Security Group with regard to, for example, inclusive identity management.

While one part of our work is funded by the public, such as NRC and EU, we are also engaging in so-called applied small-scale research and innovation projects for the private sector, organizations, and authorities.

Projects and services

The eInclusion Group has a long track record of research and innovation projects, see below. In each of our projects, we focus on accessibility, einclusion, and universal design.

In addition, we offer our services in the areas universal design and usability to the private and public sector. This includes a variety of evaluations, such as technical, expert, and user studies, and development of web solutions and ICT services and products. Please see our overview of services for more details.


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The eCitizen Panel

Are you interested in participating in interviews and to try out entirely new prototypes for a small financial compensation? Then you should read on and join the eCitizen Panel!

Aspects of research

Among others, our research addresses the following topics:

  • Automatic adaptation to a user's needs, abilities, and preferences
  • ICT-aided learning and e-learning on demand
  • Technical support for individuals with reading and writing difficulties
  • Identification of ICT barriers for citizens and users with impairments
  • Tools to support the development of universally design solutions, and tools to evaluate the degree of universal design and accessibility

Selected projects

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Postal address: Norsk Regnesentral/Norwegian Computing Center, P.O. Box 114 Blindern, NO-0314 Oslo, Norway
Visit address: Norsk Regnesentral, Gaustadalleen 23a, Kristen Nygaards hus, NO-0373 Oslo.
Phone: (+47) 22 85 25 00
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