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ERT - Ensemble based Reservoir Tool

ERT - Ensemble based Reservoir Tool

ERT is a software initially developed by Statoil which main feature is to handle several ECLIPSE simulations in an Ensemble setting.

ERT allows the user to run an ensemble experiment, where ECLIPSE fluid simulations can be run on a large ensemble. The ensemble is a set of realizations where a set of parameters is allowed to vary between the realizations. The parameters can either be scalars like global transmissibility multipliers, or fields e.g. porosity or permeability. The ensemble can also be updated using either the Ensemble Smoother, the Iterated Ensemble Smoother or the Ensemble Kalman Filter.

Both a graphical and textual user interface is provided. Both user interfaces provide extensive support for visualizing the results from the simulations.

Data plotting in gERT

Plot showing production profile for a single well for a whole ensemble and after the Ensemble Smoother update.

Getting ERT

ERT is available for download under the GPL license. The easiest way to get ERT is to fork it on github: https://github.com/Ensembles/ert. A wiki with instructions for compiling ERT and user manuals can be found at http://ert.nr.no.



Inge Myrseth, Jon Sætrom and Henning Omre. Resampling the ensemble Kalman filter Computers & Geosciences Volume 55 (2013). Page 44-53 DOI: 10.1016/j.cageo.2012.06.009

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