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Preliminary version of hemispherical prototype product

Preliminary version of hemispherical prototype product

Phase 1 of the GlobSnow project (2008-2009) focussed on the pan-European area for the development of a Snow Extent product based on ERS-2 ATSR-2 and Envisat AATSR. Work was started in February 2010 for expansion of the coverage to the seasonally snow-covered part of the Northern Hemisphere. A preliminary product was presented in the GlobSnow progress meeting 14 April 2010. A more mature product is planned to be developed by 31 May 2010. See example of a preliminary hemispherical product on the Summary page. The aggregation process of a weekly product is illustrated below.

Aggregation of a 7-day product, showing from the left to right 1, 2, 3 and 7 March 2003. Snow is shown in white, clouds in yellow, bare ground in green and band saturation in orange.

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