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Demonstration site in Finland

Demonstration site in Finland

Location of the Finnish site

The demonstration site in Finland is located in boreal forest zone in eastern Finland app. 100 km from the Russian border and 300 km from the sea (63° North, 29° East). The climate in the area is humid with long winters and short summers. The amount of annual precipitation is 700 mm and 46% falls as snow on the ground. The average annual air temperature is 1.8° C.

Boreal forests

Boreal forests are one major forest type in Europe. They forests are dominated by coniferous tree species and temperature is the most significant factor affecting their location. The northern boundary of the zone corresponds with the July 13 oC isotherm, while the southern boundary coincides with the July 18 oC isotherm. In Europe boreal forests are located in Norway, Sweden, Finland and northern parts of European Russia. In Europe boreal forests are of major importance as raw material for forest industry. However, their recreational importance is also recognised as well as their value in sustaining biodiversity.
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