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Scientific/technical objectives

Main objective:

To develop new and improved algorithms for retrieval of snow variables from satellite remote sensing data


  1. To develop algorithms for retrieval of snow cover area (SCA), snow spectral albedo (SSA), snow surface wetness (SSW), snow surface temperature (SST) and snow grain size (SGS).
  2. To determine the state of the art of retrieval algorithms for the given variables.
  3. To select a set of state-of-the-art algorithms, implement them and compare them to the new set of in-house developed algorithms.
  4. To implement the algorithms in a conformant way under ENVI into a "SnowLab" system.
  5. The algorithms developed shall improve state of the art and, therefore, be published in international journals and presented at international conferences.
  6. The project results shall be well documented in reports usable for the derivation of the relevant reports in the funding projects in addition to journal publications and conference papers.
  7. Priority of the work shall be steered by the funding projects.

More about the project

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