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The ENVISYS consortium represents an excellent mix of partners coming from three European nations which have severe problems in the application area of environmental monitoring in general. 

The Norwegian Computing Center (NR)
  • Type of company: Independent research foundation working in the fields of information technology, scientific computing and applied statistics.
  • Role in project: NR co-ordinated the project and contributed with knowledge of user needs in the area of oil spill detection, overall system design, image analysis algorithms for automatic emergency detection, and dissemination of results.
  • Web-address: http://www.nr.no/ekstern/engelsk/
Kongsberg Spacetec (SPACETEC)
  • Type of company: Company which provides Earth Observation ground systems and related technology and software.
  • Role in project: Associated partner from November 1996. Responsible for the development of the Verification Module. .
  • Web-address: http://www.spacetec.no/docs/main.htm
The Institute of Meterology and Physics of the Atmospheric Environment (IMPAE) at the National Observatory of Athens (NOA)
  • Type of company: IMPAE deals with meteorology, climatology, physics of the atmospheric environment, and solar and wind energy.
  • Role in project: IMPAE was responsible for the collection, processing and adaptation of  wind data and sea current data for the Greek demonstration area.
  • Web-address: http://www.softlab.ntua.gr/~retal/noa-html/index.html
Epsilon International SA (EPSILON)
  • Type of company: A science & research consulting company providing services within the sectors of environmental management and ecology, water resources, sanitation and health, coastal zone management, energy and utilities, marine and engineering, transportation planning, photogrammetry and mapping, GIS and remote sensing, and integrated regional development.
  • Role in project: EPSILON provided digital maps for the Greek demonstration site.
  • Web-address: http://www.epsilon.gr
  • Type of company: A high-tech company specialised in the area of informatics with emphasis in telematics applications.
  • Role in project: The company contributed to the network design and was responsible for the development of the Bacground Command Sequencer and the External Communications Module. They were also in charge of the Greek demonstration.
  • Web-address: http://www.intellserve.gr
Regional Agency of Cyclades S.A. (ANETKY)
  • Type of company: Subsidiary company of the Prefecture of Cyclades and of main municipalities of the region.
  • Role in project: Provided map information and was responsible for the local co-ordination during the Greek demonstration.
  Prefecture of Cyclades
  • Type of company: Prefecture
  • Role in project: User and sponsoring partner.
  • Type of company: Independent Spanish systems engineering firm.
  • Role in project: ISDEFE was involved in many parts of the project, and in particular in the elaboration of user requirements and in the evaluation of the project.
  • Web-address: http://www.isdefe.es, http://www.isdefe.es/envisys/home.htm
  • Type of company: An agency which supports the Spanish maritime administration in complying with the obligation to safeguard human life at sea and promote any actions aimed at incrasing safety at sea.
  • Role in project: User and sponsoring partner.
  • Web-address: http://www.sasemar.es
  • Type of company: Sea fishing research center. Private organisation specialising in the development and use of information to study the sea.
  • Role in project: IN&DI was responsible for the development of the Toolkit and the Operations Module as well as for the Spanish demonstration. The European Workshop on Detection of Environmental Emergency Situations with Main Focus on Marine Oil Spill was hosted by IN&DI.
  • Web-address: http://www.indi-es.com
Chemical Technology Service (STQ) 
University Rovira i Virgili (URV) 
  • Type of company: STQ-URV was founded in 1995 to fulfil the need for Chemical Engineering education and research in the immediate geographical area of Tarragona - that hosts one of the largest petrochemical and chemical production sites in the south of Europe.
  • Role in project: STQ-URV provided a physical simulator for oil spill evolution, which was integrated in ENVISYS.
  • Web-address: http://www.etseq.urv.es/DEM/PERSONAL/icuesta/SIMOIL/


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