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References and further information:

References and further information:

This list contains recent relevant papers and reports authored by researchers at the Norwegian Computing Center.

Journal papers

Conference papers/presentations

Internal reports

  • Rudjord, Ø., Trier, Ø. D., 2012. Evaluation of FLAASH atmospheric correction. NR Note No. SAMBA/10/12.
  • Zortea, M., Trier, Ø. D., Salberg, A.-B., 2012. Cloud and cloud shadow detection on Landsat images for monitoring tropical forests in Tanzania. NR Note No. SAMBA/06/12. 157 pp.
  • Trier, Ø. D., 2011. LEDAPS atmospheric correction production line. User guide. NR-Note No. SAMBA/39/11.
  • Zortea, M., Trier, Ø. D., Salberg, A.-B., 2011. Evaluation of the Landsat surface reflectance estimated by LEDAPS. NR-Note No. SAMBA/37/11.
  • Salberg, Arnt-Børre, 2009. Land cover classification of cloud-contaminated multi-temporal high-resolution satellite images. NR-Note No. SAMBA/45/09.
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