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Work plan

Work plan

Project work plan

2.1.Work packages

WP 1: Optical remote sensing of snow variables
Development of methods for retrieval of snow variables from optical data: Accurate snow-cover-fraction estimation at the sub-pixel level, snow spectral reflectance and albedo, snow liquid water and/or snow wetness, snow surface temperature and snow grain size.

WP 2: Multi sensor remote sensing of snow variables
Methods for retrieval of as many as possible of the variables under WP 1 by combining data from two or more sensors (multi sensor), in particular optical and radar data. The data acquisitions may be simultaneously or in a time series (multi temporal).

WP 3: Fieldwork and data preparation
Fieldwork, data acquisition and data preparation (necessary for the application in SnowLab) will be handled by this work package.

The methods developed in the work packages will be implemented in ENVI, a computing environment for the interactive analysis and visualization of data based on the Interactive Data Language (IDL).

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