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Oversikt over NRs prosjekter

Oversikt over NRs prosjekter

For å se på et mindre utvalg av prosjekter innenfor en avdeling eller forskningsområde, kryss av på de aktuelle boksene. Hvis flere bokser avmerkes, vil søket gi prosjekter som tilfredsstiller minst en av de avkryssede boksene i hver av søylene med avkryssede bokser.


MOVIS – Performance Monitoring System for Video Streaming Networks

When watching streamed video over the Internet consumers are annoyed by disturbances in service quality. In the delivery chain live video content is streamed by a content provider through the network of an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to the consumer's home network, and then shown on a PC. Should a consumer experience reduced quality a variety of reasons can apply along the entire delivery chain. Monitoring service quality can help to identify the reasons for reduced quality.In an assessment process a test panel have evaluated video content streamed under various conditions.

Multipoint Methods for Improved Reservoir Models

The aim of this project is to develop new and improved methods for modelling geological facies by combining the efficiency of multipoint methods with the robustness and consistency of Markov random field methods. Develop software tools and test new methods on real cases and data.

Sub goals:

Net citizen/Nettborger – Social media for all

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular, be it for leisure or on a professional basis. They provide means for participation in the digital society and greatly ease communication and networking. Unfortunately, the various social media platforms far too often exclude persons with disabilities due to inaccessible and poor design. Hence, there is a considerable demand for new knowledge regarding the design, accessibility and usability of these new communication channels.

Net Present Value with uncertainty

Prior to commencement, projects may be evaluated and compared according to their Net Present Value (NPV). The NPV is the discounted expected revenues minus the costs over the lifetime of the project. Traditional NPV calculations do not take into account the uncertainty in the different prices that influence the revenue- and cost elements. There are several different methods to account for risk and uncertainty in such calculations, for instance to increase the discount rate, compare pessimistic and optimistic cash flows, or sensitivity analyses.

New Object Model

Modeling of geological facies is a vital task in the reservoir modeling process. Object-based facies models have a long and proven history of being able to represent geological information in a robust and consistent manner. Expert knowledge on depositional processes and their natrual variability can be incorporated by geometrical descriptions of the diffent facies. This is particularly important for hydrocarbon flow and communication within the reservoir, and are commonly a major source of uncertainty.


Lake and river ice play a key role in the physical, biological, and chemical processes of cold region freshwater. The frequency and size of lakes greatly influence the magnitude and timing of landscape-scale evaporative and sensible heat inputs to the atmosphere and are important to regional climatic and meteorological processes. Because lakes are such a major component of most northern atmospheric and hydrologic systems, the ability to determine their annual energy and water budgets is critical to our ability to forecast high latitude weather, climate, and river flow patterns.


OCEANIDES: Harmonised monitoring, reporting, and assessment of illegal marine oil discharges.

The OCEANIDES project aims to identify and assemble the knowledge required to establish a more harmonised and effective monitoring of European waters of illicit marine oil pollution.

Optimal delivery of newspapers

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet is sold daily at thousands of salespoints. It is difficult in advance to determine the exact number of newspapers that will be sold at each salespoint. Each salespoint is therefore supplied with a few more copies that it is expected to sell. This can lead to surplus copies at the end of the day, yielding large costs for handling the returns.


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