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Oversikt over NRs prosjekter

Oversikt over NRs prosjekter

For å se på et mindre utvalg av prosjekter innenfor en avdeling eller forskningsområde, kryss av på de aktuelle boksene. Hvis flere bokser avmerkes, vil søket gi prosjekter som tilfredsstiller minst en av de avkryssede boksene i hver av søylene med avkryssede bokser.


PCAS - Personalised Centralised Authentication System


PCAS aims at providing an innovative, trustworthy, handheld device. The Secured Personal Device (SPD) will allow users to securely store their data, to share it with trusted applications, and to easily and securely authenticate him. The SPD will recognize its user using multiple biometric sensors, including a stress level sensor to detect coercion. Using the same biometric authentication, the SPD will be able to enforce secure communication with servers in the cloud, relieving the user from memorizing passwords.

PCUBE - The probability of hydrocarbons from seismic data

We compute the probabilities for different lithology-fluid classes from seismic data and geological knowledge. The method combines stochastic rock physics relations between the elastic parameters and the different lithology-fluid classes, (Avseth et al., 2005), with the results from a fast Bayesian seismic simultaneous inversion from seismic data to elastic parameters (Buland and Omre, 2003).  The methodological development provides a consistent framework for integrating knowledge generated by different disciplines within most oil companies.

PETROSIM - Simulation of petrophysical parameters

In order to predict the production of a petroleum reservoir it is important to derive good mathematical models for the geology of the reservoir. The petrophysical parameters, i.e. permeability, porosity and saturations, will affect the flow of the oil, water and gas present in the reservoir, and it is therefore important to generate realistic models of these.

PETweb I – Privacy-respecting Identity Management for e-Norge

Note: The active project is Petweb II.

Project goal

The overall goal is to enable communicating organisations to include privacy enhancing technologies (PETs) in large-scale web-based services for the general public and customers.


The motivation for this project arises from the following:

PETWeb II – Privacy-respecting Identity Management for e-Norge

The project addresses societal challenges concerning the future of electronic identifiers and electronic identities. The implication of such identities range from today’s crime (identity theft) to long-term privacy implications and fundamental rights such as informational self-determination.


This project investigates the potential of deep learning for national mapping of cultural heritage from airborne laser scanning data.

PLA ― Personlig (mobil) læringsarena

Læringssituasjon med mester og lærlingProsjektet tar sikte på å utvikle en personlig, adaptiv og mobil læringsarena (personlig mobil læringsarena, PLA) rettet inn mot grupper i skole og voksenopplæring med elever som av ulike grunner står i fare for å falle fra utdanningen.

Polar Ice

Shipping activity in the Arctic is increasing.  Cruise liners are bringing more tourists to the cold and remote latitudes.  The oil & gas industry is searching for and producing oil and natural gas in areas close to or even in waters infested by ice or icebergs.  As 25 % of the unexploited fossil hydrocarbons of our planet are deposited under Arctic waters, this activity will continue, and move even further northwards.


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