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Oversikt over NRs prosjekter

Oversikt over NRs prosjekter

For å se på et mindre utvalg av prosjekter innenfor en avdeling eller forskningsområde, kryss av på de aktuelle boksene. Hvis flere bokser avmerkes, vil søket gi prosjekter som tilfredsstiller minst en av de avkryssede boksene i hver av søylene med avkryssede bokser.


Statistical analysis of genomic data

DNANR participates in the Bioinformatics Core Facility at the University of Oslo, where statistical services within bioinformatics are provided to users from the Oslo University Hospital and the University of Oslo. Our services include assistance in designing experiments, analyzing datasets and answering general statistical questions.

Statistical modeling of a melting furnace

A high carbon ferromanganese (HC FeMn) furnace is a melting furnace where manganese ores are reduced by coke in order to produce FeMn metal. Different reactions take place in different parts of the furnace, but there is a lack of information about inner furnace conditions due to a hostile environment inside the furnace.

Statistical modelling and analysis of unpaid taxes

We have developed a new model to estimate the amount of unpaid tax for each of Norway's 433 municipalities. The model is a logistic regression model that explains the ratio between the total amount of taxes paid and the sum of the claims, when one disregards the taxes that are paid voluntarily. We have studied the effect of several macroeconomic variables and variables which describe the resources available at the municipalities. In order to study the stability of the model, the model is fitted for several years with income data.

Survival analysis of wells

Certain oil fields have problems concerning sand slides and mineral deposits that cause wells to stop producing.
For the company operating the field, it is important to know the distribution of the time from the start of the well
production until these events occur. This information is used to estimate the lifetime of existing and new wells, and to
determine how many wells to drill.

Synshemmedes IKT-barrierer

Målet med prosjektet var å kartlegge muligheter og barrierer ved bruk av IKT for synshemmede, identifisere mulige indikatorer for å følge utviklingen, samt foreslå tiltak som kan fjerne barrierene. Det ble gjennomført litteraturgjennomgang, fokusgruppe, og en brukerundersøkelse som inkluderte testing av ulike eksisterende IKT-løsninger med 28 syshemmede deltakere, samt intervjuer. Herunder ble det utarbeidet informasjonsmateriell, intervjuguider og det ble kommunisert en god del med synshemmede brukere.

The Norwegian company survey

The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV) conducts a biannual company survey to obtain an overview of the demand for labour within different industries. Each company in the selection is asked if it is facing challenges in recruiting labour, in which professions it has demand for labour and whether the demand is caused by a non-satisfactory number of qualified applicants. Based on the responses from the selection of companies, the demand for labour in Norway can be estimated using a mathematical model developed at the Norwegian Computing Center.


Detection and quantification of thin sea ice for climate monitoring in the Arctic

Sea ice plays an important role in the climatic system, being a factor affecting the global energy budget as well as the oceanic circulation. It is also an indicator variable of climate change. Considering various types of sea ice, thin ice is of particular interest as it is most vulnerable to summer sea ice melt, and it allows for more heat transfer.


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