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Publications by department

Publications by department

Department: SAMBA
Period: 2021 - 2021

    Academic journal articles


    Aldrin, Magne Tommy; Huseby, Ragnar Bang; Jensen, Britt Bang; Jansen, Mona Dverdal. Evaluating effects of different control strategies for Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) in marine salmonid farming by scenario simulation using a disease transmission model. Preventive Veterinary Medicine (ISSN 0167-5877). 2021.

    Brødholt, Elin Therese; Günther, Clara-Cecilie; Gautvik, Kaare M; Sjøvold, Torstein; Holck, Per. Bone mineral density through history: Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry in archaeological populations of Norway. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports (ISSN 2352-409X). 36 2021.

    Dean, Katharine Rose; Aldrin, Magne Tommy; Qviller, Lars; Helgesen, Kari Marie Olli; Jansen, Peder Andreas; Jensen, Britt Bang. Simulated effects of increasing salmonid production on sea lice populations in Norway. Epidemics (ISSN 1755-4365). 2021.

    Günther, Clara-Cecilie; Gautvik, Kaare M; Holck, Per; Sjøvold, Torstein. Bone mineral density through history: Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry in archaeological populations of Norway. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports (ISSN 2352-409X). doi: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2021.102792. 2021.

    Jensen, Britt Bang; Dean, Katharine Rose; Huseby, Ragnar Bang; Aldrin, Magne Tommy; Qviller, Lars. Realtime simulations of transmission of Pancreas Disease (PD) in Norwegian salmonid farming for disease control purposes. Epidemics (ISSN 1755-4365). 2021.

    Reksten, Jarle Hamar; Salberg, Arnt-Børre. Estimating Traffic in Urban Areas from Very-High Resolution Aerial Images. International Journal of Remote Sensing (ISSN 0143-1161). 42(3) pp 865-883. doi: 10.1080/01431161.2020.1815891. 2021.

    Scientific lectures


    Aas, Kjersti. Explainable AI. Gjesteforelesning, Guest lecture 1 in the course "Advanced statistical methods in inference and learning"; Trondheim, 12.04.2021.

    Engebretsen, Solveig. Spatial modelling of COVID-19 in Norway using real-time mobility data. Arrangement, Big Insight lunch; Teams, 17.03.2021.

    Engebretsen, Solveig. Spatial modelling of COVID-19 in Norway. Arrangement, Impact Breakfast - Covid-19 special edition, 27.01.2021.

    Lison, Pierre. Språkteknologi: siste trender og vanlige fallgruver. Arrangement, Digitalt seminar om språkteknologi; Digitalt, 03.03.2021.

    Posters at scientific conferences


    Jullum, Martin. groupSHAP: Efficient Shapley value explanation through feature groups. Geilo Winter School; Online, 25.01.2021 - 29.03.2021.



    Eikvil, Line; Holden, Marit; Holden, Lars; Brautaset, Olav. Machine learning for screening mammography. Norsk Regnesentral, . NR-notat SAMBA/05/21. pp 52. 2021.

    Eikvil, Line; Holden, Marit; Ordonez, Alba. Machine learning for image-based interpretation of non-verbal communication - Initial version. Norsk Regnesentral, . NR-notat SAMBA/04/21. pp 37. 2021.

    Løland, Anders; Engebretsen, Solveig; Günther, Clara-Cecilie. Beregning av pantegrad og innsamlingsgrad for 2020. Norsk Regnesentral, . NR-notat SAMBA/02/21. pp 71. 2021.

    Redelmeier, Annabelle Alice; Lison, Pierre; Løland, Anders; Pilán, Ildikó. Predicting insurance fraud with the help of a sentiment analysis model. Norsk Regnesentral, . NR-notat SAMBA/01/21. pp 26. 2021.

    Wahl, Jens Christian; Løland, Anders. Evaluation of model for simulating risk factors. Norsk Regnesentral, . NR-notat SAMBA/07/21. pp 44. 2021.

    Media contributions


    Løland, Anders. Utviklere av kunstig intelligens ber om klare rammer. 2021. Computerworld [Business/trade/industry journal] 25.01.2021.

    Programme management


    Løland, Anders; Tveten, Martin. Episode 9: Hvordan kan vi oppdage katastrofale avvik? Med gjest Martin Tveten. 2021.

    Løland, Anders; Aldrin, Magne Tommy; Engebretsen, Solveig. Episode 10: R-tallet for de avanserte. Hvorfor beregner Magne sin egen R? Med Solveig Engebretsen og Magne Aldrin. 2021.

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