Line Eikvil

(Photo) Chief research scientist
Department of Statistical Analysis, Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition (SAMBA).

Responsible for: Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition

Norsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center)
Gaustadalléen 23,
P.O. Box 114 Blindern,
N-0314 Oslo, NORWAY

Tel: (+47) 22 85 25 00
Fax: (+47) 22 69 76 60

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Member of Norwegian Society for Image Processing and Pattern Recognition.


Key qualifications

Research project management,
pattern recognition, machine learning, image analysis,
computer vision, text mining, remote sensing.


Online publications
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Project Examples

Co-registration of images
paper-09, paper-05, slides-05, ESA-I, ESA-II
Detection of vehicles from high resolution satellite images
paper-11, paper-09, slides-08 NR, ESA
Detection and tracking of oil spills in radar images
--- OSIS
Automatic detection of vehicles in video
paper-01, slides-01 NR
Face recognition
slides-03 NR
Change detection for land cover mapping
slides-05 NR
Snow cover mapping
paper-05 EO-HYDRO
Text mining: News filtering, Example-based search, Text categorization and Information extraction
paper-01, survey-tm, survey-ie NR
Identification of cartographical objects in image data
--- NR
Tools for automatic and interactive map conversion
OCR and document image analysis
survey-93, paper-93, paper-95 NR
Content-based image- and video retrieval
survey-97 NR