Kristoffer Hellton

Senior Research Scientist at Norwegian Computing Center


I’m statistician working at the Norwegian Computing Center and as postdoc at the Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo, in the FocuStat project. I have a PhD in Biostatistics from the Dept of Biostatistics, University of Oslo

My research interest are in particular prediction and dimension reduction techniques in high-dimensional data. My doctoral thesis dealt with the use of principal component analysis in genomics, in particular, with consistency issues in the high-dimensional situation (p >> n), measurement error and integration of different genetic data types. I have work extensively with principal component analysis, penalized regression and clustering, and I have recently also explored model selection and fine-tuning procedures.


  • PhD in Biostatistics, University of Oslo, Dept. of Biostatistics
  • MSc in Industrial Mathematics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim


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