My name is Pierre Lison, and I am a Senior Research Scientist at Norsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center, NR for short), an independent research institute located in Oslo, Norway.

My research interests are in natural language processing (language technology), statistical modelling and machine learning. In my previous research, I worked on topics such as human-robot interaction, conversational interfaces and statistical/neural machine translation.

Some notable research projects I am / have been involved with include SAFERS (speech analytics for emergency response services), DialMT (dialogue modelling for machine translation) and Oslo Analytics (cyber-threat intelligence). I also participated in the centre for research-based innovation Big Insight: Statistics for the knowledge economy.

I’m also a member of the Young Academy of Norway.



I’m honored to have been elected as a member of the Young Academy of Norway for a period of four years. The Academy is constituted of about 40 young researchers working in Norwegian research institutions. Its main purpose is to serve as the voice of young researchers in the public arena, through a range of initiatives related to research policy and science dissemination.


The SAFERS project has now officially started! SAFERS investigates how speech technology and machine learning can be used to automatically transcribe emergency calls (113 in Norway) and provide real-time analysis and prediction tools to emergency response services. SAFERS is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.


I’m thrilled to start a new position as a senior research scientist at Norsk Regnesentral and am looking forward to working on new exciting projects!