Thordis L. Thorarinsdottir
Senior Research Scientist at the Norwegian Computing Center

Contact Information

Norwegian Computing Center
Gaustadalléen 23
P.O.Box 114 Blindern
N-0314 Oslo

Email: thordis[at]
Phone: +47 22 85 25 60

Thordis is a Senior Research Scientist in the Statistical Analysis, Pattern Recognition, and Image Analysis (SAMBA) group at the Norwegian Computing Center. Her research interests include spatial and spatio-temporal statistics, Bayesian methods, and forecasting. She is interested in Bayesian inference and model selection procedures for point process models. She also works on methods for probabilistic forecasting and forecast verification. She enjoys applications in climatology, atmospheric and environmental sciences, and economics, among other disciplines.

Thordis is a member of the International Environmetrics Society and the Icelandic Mathematical Association.

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