PhD Students

Nina Schuhen, University of Oslo, 2016-2019 (with Frode Stordal)
Statistical postprocessing of weather forecast ensembles: Obtaining consistent probabilistic projections at multiple time scales

Qifen Yuan, University of Oslo, 2016-2020 (with Stein Beldring and Chong-Yu Xu)
Statistical postprocessing of climate model results for impact analysis in hydrology

Sebastian Lerch, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, 2013-2016 (with Tilmann Gneiting)
Probabilistic forecasting and comparative model assessment, with focus on extreme events [http]
[Currently Researcher at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology]

Roman Schefzik, Heidelberg University, 2011-2014 (with Tilmann Gneiting)
Physically coherent probabilistic weather forecasts using multivariate discrete copula-based ensemble postprocessing methods [pdf]
[Currently Statistician at University Medical Centre Mannheim]

Eva-Maria Didden, Heidelberg University, 2011-2014 (with Alex Lenkoski and Christoph Schnörr)
Modelling of locally scaled spatial point processes, and applications in image analysis [pdf]
[Currently Senior Epidemilogy Analyst with Actelion]]

Annette Möller, Heidelberg University, 2010-2014 (with Tilmann Gneiting and Alex Lenkoski)
Multivariate and spatial ensemble postprocessing methods [pdf]
[Currently Research Assistant at TU Clausthal]

Diploma/Master Students

Silius M. Vandeskog, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2019 (with Ingelin Steinsland)
Modelling diurnal temperature range in Norway [pdf]

Silje Hindenes, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 2017 (with Ingelin Steinsland)
Comparison between a mixture of exponential distributions and the generalized Pareto distributions for flood frequency analysis

Kira Feldmann, Heidelberg University, 2012 (with Michael Scheuerer)
Statistical postprocessing of ensemble forecasts for temperature: The importance of spatial modeling [pdf]

Corinna Frei, Heidelberg University, 2012 (with Tilmann Gneiting)
Probabilistic forecasts of precipitation using quantiles [pdf]

Nadine Gissibl, Heidelberg University, 2012
Proper divergence measures for comparing and combining climate model outputs for extreme temperature indices [pdf]

Natalia Hernández Vargaz, Heidelberg University, 2012
Bayesian point process modelling of earthquake occurences [pdf]

Sebastian Lerch, Heidelberg University, 2012
Verification of probabilistic forecasts for rare and extreme events [pdf]

Dina Richter, Heidelberg University, 2012 (with Alex Lenkoski)
Bayesian ensemble model output statistics for temperature [pdf]

Christian Rohrbeck, Heidelberg University, 2012 (with Tilmann Gneiting)
Isotonic recursive partitioning for combining predictive distributions [pdf]

Sam Dörken, Heidelberg University, 2011 (with Tilmann Gneiting)
Probabilistic forecasting of US Treasury Bills [pdf]

Anna Rigazio, University of Bologna, 2011 (with Francesca Bruno, Daniela Cocchi, and Tilmann Gneiting)
Comparing Bayesian model averaging and Bayesian hierarchical modelling for probabilistic forecasts of precipitation over Italy

Roman Schefzik, Heidelberg University, 2011 (with Tilmann Gneiting)
Ensemble Copula Coupling [pdf]

Nina Schuchen, Heidelberg University, 2011 (with Tilmann Gneiting)
Ensemble model output statistics for wind vectors [pdf]

Bachelor Student

Christopher Heinz, Heidelberg University, 2012
Calibration of forecast trajectories [pdf]

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